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Vote To Protect Children

Save Your Rights Coalition believes the La Crosse ban on conversion therapy is not only unconstitutional, but it does not protect impressionable children. This is because the city of La Crosse' conversion therapy ban follows an experimental protocol called the "gender affirmation care" model. This model allows minor children to choose to cut off their own body parts, in irreversible surgeries in the name of identifying as the opposite sex.

Transgender youth health care ban approved by Florida medical boards

The Save Your Rights Coalition here in La Crosse is striving to be an influential entity in the battle against the destructive Woke culture in our nation.  More and more people are coming to find out how pervasive Woke culture is becoming in our country and they are not accepting of it and want it stopped.  So the efforts here are a part of the growing push back throughout our country.  Please check out this report from ABC News.

When voting, think about protecting children

Childhood is meant to be a time when children use their imagination to play. They believe the fairy tales that are read to them, and are sad Humpty Dumpty couldn’t be put back together again.

The protection of our trusting children should be what you think about before voting. There is an entire industry that is profiting off a child's impressionable nature by convincing them to believe in a bad fairy tale, a tale that says they can become any gender they want. They are even told the tall tale that gender transition surgeries are reversible.

MORE OF YOUR RIGHTS LOST: La Crosse City Council Makes Illegal Certain Counseling That Affirms Original Gender, While Allowing Counseling That Encourages Child Castration and Mastectomies

It has been almost four weeks since the La Crosse City Council passed an ordinance that seeks to punish disfavored speech in La Crosse, a violation of first amendment rights. On September 8, 2022, the council voted 8-4 to ban so called "conversion therapy" with minors.

Update -- Ban on Conversion Therapy/ Call to action

On Thursday, September 8, the La Crosse City Council went into about a half-an-hour closed session to discuss possible litigation on passing an ordinance banning conversion therapy. After coming out of closed session, a motion to postpone the ban indefinitely was seconded, but failed to pass a full council vote. No one seconded council member Chris Woodard's motion to open into a public hearing. The council adopted the ban on conversion therapy after about a 20 minute discussion in open session and voted 8-4 (1 abstain) to adopt the ban on conversion therapy.

Take Action to Oppose Violations of the First Amendment



The Save Your Rights Coalition is asking those of you who can make it to come to City Hall this evening for two reasons.


  1. To show your support to the City Council in opposition to the so called ban on conversion therapy vote taking place this evening.  Bring signs if you're willing and able.
  2. Join in a Prayer Vigil prior to the 6pm meeting.  Arrive at 5:30 at the entrance to City Hall. 


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