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Impartiality should be a hallmark... and a prerequisite for sitting on the bench of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. More importantly is having justices who will adhere to our US and Wisconsin State constitutions and who will follow the law as written.

Do these sentiments sound impartial to you?

"I could not sit back and watch extreme, right wing partisans hijack our Supreme Court!"

Eliminate the Bans on Conversion Therapy in Wisconsin

The following resolution passed unanimously...

WHEREAS, in 2022 La Crosse became the 14th city in Wisconsin to pass an ordinance banning a practice called “Conversion Therapy”. This therapy is described as “counseling that seeks to change a child’s sexual orientation or gender identity including efforts to change behaviors or gender expression, and to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions or feelings towards individuals of the same gender;” and,


The La Crosse County board will be voting this Thursday, January 19, 2023 on whether to put the abortion question on the ballot as an advisory referendum. They want to ask this question, “Should the Wisconsin legislature repeal the state's 1849 abortion ban that provides no exception in cases of rape or incest nor to protect the health of the mother?" The last time they tried to put this on the November ballot, almost a hundred of you emailed your county supervisors, and they voted to keep it off the ballot.

Northside Patriots

The La Crosse City Council (Districts 1-6, Northside and the northern sections of the Southside) are up for the spring elections. The Save Your Rights Coalition is in search of candidates who will uphold their Oath of Office by supporting and defending the Constitution, supporting community schools and businesses, and opposing policies or ordinances that violate your RIGHTS.

New Study Shows Surge in Irreversible Transgender Surgeries Performed on Teen Girls

“It is impossible for me to recoup what I have lost, but I will ensure no child will be harmed at the hands of these liars and mutilators. I am suing these monsters.”  Read the Full Aricle Here

The Light of Truth dispels darkness. 

Vote To Protect Children

Save Your Rights Coalition believes the La Crosse ban on conversion therapy is not only unconstitutional, but it does not protect impressionable children. This is because the city of La Crosse' conversion therapy ban follows an experimental protocol called the "gender affirmation care" model. This model allows minor children to choose to cut off their own body parts, in irreversible surgeries in the name of identifying as the opposite sex.

Transgender youth health care ban approved by Florida medical boards

The Save Your Rights Coalition here in La Crosse is striving to be an influential entity in the battle against the destructive Woke culture in our nation.  More and more people are coming to find out how pervasive Woke culture is becoming in our country and they are not accepting of it and want it stopped.  So the efforts here are a part of the growing push back throughout our country.  Please check out this report from ABC News.

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