Attached below is the revised version coming before the city council in the September cycle beginning with the Judiciary & Administration (J&A) Committee at 6pm on Tuesday, Aug 30,2022.



As I read the definitions in this amended unconstitutional ordinance I cannot help but wonder if young people who are straight will be protected? What if a school teacher tries to convert a straight student into becoming gay? What if a guidance counselor tries to convince a traditional values student that they should transition to the opposite sex? Will this ordinance protect them because it appears to only be worded in a way that is meant to promote the LGBTQ lifestyle at the expense of traditional values. Why is the City of La Crosse wasting so much time, resources, and tax dollars on this effort when it is clearly unconstitutional? Are the leaders in La Crosse full time members of the woke cult or will they abandon this unconstitutional effort and protect tax payers and the city from costly court battles? Choose wisely.

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