Call to Action!!

and an Update on the Lawsuit

Against the City of La Crosse


The lawsuit against the city of La Crosse by Joy Buchman for the city’s ordinance banning conversion therapy for minors has been re-initiated and re-filed in the United States District Court, the western division of Wisconsin, by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) as of Wednesday, February 15, 2023. Buchman’s lawsuit had been originally filed in district court on October 13, 2022 after the city of La Crosse passed an ordinance on September 8, 2022 banning conversion therapy for minors.

A few short weeks after the October filing, Buchman voluntarily paused the lawsuit because her standing as a plaintiff was compromised. Buchman is in training as a therapist and needs to have supervision by a licensed therapist in her field. After the lawsuit was filed in October, Buchman's supervisor no longer wanted to supervise Joy’s work with children. Buchman has recently acquired a new supervisor and can now show standing in court which is why she re-initiated the lawsuit. For updates and additional information, please visit

In the meantime, Joy has been experiencing sickness and financial challenges. She has been weakened by several bouts of Covid and now awaits surgery from a diagnosis of endometrial cancer. Despite all this, she continues to provide Christian based counseling to her clients, half of whom cannot afford to pay for her services. We have put together a Give Send Go campaign to help Joy to continue to help those who cannot pay, and to help Joy pay her bills while she is sick.

Because of Buchman’s courage to become the plaintiff in this lawsuit, and risk financial ruin, citizens in a three-state area have the chance to have all of their ordinances that ban conversion therapy challenged at a higher court, and potentially even the United States Supreme Court. Supporting Buchman financially not only keeps in place a Christian counselor who is willing to stand up against the experimental “gender affirmation care” model of counseling, but it helps keep Joy’s business alive so that she can remain the plaintiff in this lawsuit.

To donate to Joy, click on this link

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