Save Your Rights Coalition believes the La Crosse ban on conversion therapy is not only unconstitutional, but it does not protect impressionable children. This is because the city of La Crosse' conversion therapy ban follows an experimental protocol called the "gender affirmation care" model. This model allows minor children to choose to cut off their own body parts, in irreversible surgeries in the name of identifying as the opposite sex. In this model, children are also allowed to take puberty blockers and cross sex hormones that chemically castrate young boys and may also do the same to girls. The long term effect of these drugs has not been properly studied, which means they are experimental.

Children lack the life experience necessary to give consent for such permanent decisions about their bodies, yet somehow it is legal.

When you vote in this election, think about which candidates will support a model of care for dysphoric children that does not lead to mastectomies and physical and chemical castrations during childhood. The candidates we've endorsed do not support these interventions.

In fact, most Americans don’t. In a survey conducted by the Trafalgar Group, almost 79 percent of Americans oppose sex change operations on minors, yet on October 24, 2022, President Biden, in an interview, said he is opposed to any state that would ban gender affirming care to minors, which is to say that he supports the protocol that involves puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, and sex change surgeries for children.

This all-out support for this method is in sharp contrast to England’s National Health Service (NHS) which recently shut down Tavistocke Centre, its largest gender transition clinic, in the face of evidence that most children who experience gender dysphoria are going through a phase. Much research has shown that a child's gender dysphoria is often caused by issues unrelated to their biological sex. Also, children will find comfort with their original gender as they age in 80-90 percent of cases, if the child does not socially transition. England’s abandonment of this gender affirming care model follows on the heels of Sweden and Finland who are also stepping away from it.



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