Childhood is meant to be a time when children use their imagination to play. They believe the fairy tales that are read to them, and are sad Humpty Dumpty couldn’t be put back together again.

The protection of our trusting children should be what you think about before voting. There is an entire industry that is profiting off a child's impressionable nature by convincing them to believe in a bad fairy tale, a tale that says they can become any gender they want. They are even told the tall tale that gender transition surgeries are reversible.

Does your candidate believe in this fairy tale too?

Like Humpty Dumpty, your child will never be the same if body parts are eliminated. Now, the city of La Crosse is being sued because it only supports counseling that helps children believe these fairy tales.

Bluntly ask your candidates if they support chemical and physical castration of minor children or mastectomies for girls. These surgeries are already being done on children, and should cause all rational adults to stand up and say, "Enough is Enough! Teaching a child to believe this, so that they agree to cut off their body parts, so that transgender clinics can make millions...should be made illegal!" Guiding children to find comfort in their original gender yields far happier children in the long run than exacerbating their confusion with Lupron, a puberty blocker that can worsen depression, which consequently worsens a child's perspective of their body.

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