2022 Voter Guide

Why the SYR Coalition endorses these candidates in the 2022 Midterm Election

Tim Michels - Served in the Army. Business owner. Less Gov’t = More individual Rights

Eric Toney – More determined to prosecute law violators based on the law which is more protective of our Right to live in safety, peace and harmony

Amy Lynn Loudenbeck – desires to bring more integrity to elections through the Office of the Sec. of State – protecting voter Rights

Andrew Zuelke - unapologetic supporter of the Constitution

Ron Johnson – Proven leader protecting individual Rights, supporting the Constitution and lessen gov’t interference

Derrick Van Orden – Retired Navy. Devoted to God, Family and Country, and Individual Rights. Unequivocal supporter of honoring, supporting and defending the Constitution

Ryan Huebsch - will always consider individual Rights and the law and not political ideology

Chris Woodard - Lead the way to oppose the so called ban on conversion therapy while serving on the La Crosse City Council

Fritz Leinfelder – Endorsed by a multitude of Sheriffs in the Region

School Referendum - NO. It would eliminate a proud entity of the Northside community, it is too far south for Northside students, and the cost is too excessive.

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